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Hidden Restaurant

Another adventure to see “what’s up there?” It’s been open for 8 months and still no signs anywhere.
Superheroes in the Alley

Moutain bike GoPro footage passing an alley with superheroes busting through the wall. Also note the city streets of Chiang Mai are pretty darn clean.
Fourth of July in Chiang Mai 2019
Steel Bridge
The Steel Bridge over the Ping River in Chiang Mai.
Fireworks Pre-Show
Beside the bridge - The Pro fireworks display during assembly behind the River Market Restaurant where the American Fourth of July celebration dinner and fireworks show was held.

The fireworks view from the Steel Bridge.
Thousands of Thais - and Me!

The Lanna Expo 2019 hits the Chiang Mai Convention Center from June 28 - July 7. Free admission and even free city bus service to/from the venue.
Hill Tribe Dances

On the way to dinner . . . ethnic tribes do their thing. Just another fun night in Chiang Mai.
Rain Protection
When a monsoon rolls in, the mall workers roll out the duct tape and prepare all the entrances for wet shoes before you step onto the shiny, slippery tile floors.
National Holiday

The Queen’s Birthday June 3rd.
Staying Cool
IMG_1584 (1)
When the Hot Season rolls in with daily temps over 100° the hat sellers are the only ones open before noon in the Night Market areas.
A Hole in the Wall Down a Soi (Alleyway)

A stop for cappuccino.
Making Use of Rooftops

I’ve spent little to no time in New York City so I have no idea if this is prevalent in cities all over the world. Since it’s never cold here, I suspect there is a lot more rooftop activity in the tropics than in northern areas of the world.

Anyway, you see this quite a bit in Asia where interior space is at a premium. This is a view from my room at the Westin Grande Hotel in Bangkok. Call it crazy, but to the Westerners who live here, seeing this stuff is part of the “charm” of Thailand.
Version 2
Side Trip to Bangkok Nov. 2018
Strings of Electric Lanterns

During the Loy Krathong (Yi Peng) Festival (in November), strings of electrified lights are strung up all over the city. What’s amazing is the respect for public property in Thailand. Not only are these nylon lanterns not fooled with for over a week of display, but even if they are on the ground, waiting to be strung up, they are left alone.
Delivery Trucks

You see deliveries all over the city. Often, if the business is not yet open, the delivery truck will simply leave the delivery at the front door for the business when they arrive to open up.

The drink delivery trucks never bother closing the side doors between deliveries. No city delivery driver would try this in the Western world. He’d come back to an empty truck!
Bridge Displays

Poinsettia plants delivered to all the city bridges to be set up for Christmas displays.
Crossing the Street in Thailand

You see this this all day on the streets of Thailand yet a lot of Westerners never seem to grasp the nuance of it. Full Screen is the best way to watch this.
Street Displays

As you walk down the streets in Chiang Mai you see odd little gems. As a Westerner it’s always surprising that the hats and glasses are still there day after day. They wouldn’t last an hour in a Western city.
IMG_4483 (1)
In America the cops go to Dunkin’ Donuts for their coffee. In Thailand the cops just pull up to a street vendor for their Thai coffee fix.
IMG_3414 (1)
“Out of Business” is a negative connotation and not a sign you see over here, even though places constantly come and go in Thailand all the time. You see signs with wordage like this instead.
IMG_3412 (1)
First-Class Overnight Sleeper Train to Bangkok
Video (5 min 46 sec)

I can sleep in a car, bus or plane. But I can’t seem to sleep in a bed on a train. Go figure. Here’s a quick view of the train trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.
Microburst 5/29/18
Video (1 min)

I walk into a microburst wind storm at Maya Mall. Cool!
This food stall alley had been up for two weeks - before this . . .
Songkran Festival (Thai New Year) Nov. 2018
Click photo below to go to Songkran page and see videos.
Travel Videos
All my past travel videos from 1998-2006 have now been posted to the site (categorized by country/city).
The Monk’s Trail Hike
Added a new page to the Temples Section. I hiked through the jungle along the Monk’s Trail to the Wat Pha Lat (Temple).
Grasshopper Mountain Bike Tour (By Train)

I join a couple from Brazil as we jump on a train to Lamphun. From there we bike northward back to Chiang Mai through the rice fields and countryside, stopping to eat and snack along the way.

A 9 hour, 35 mile trip condensed into 12.5 minutes.
Grasshopper Countryside Mountain Bike Tour
Video (9.5 min)

Keep in mind that Asians try to avoid the equatorial sun as much as possible by wearing long sleeves and gloves or using parasols or magazines held at an angle as they walk outside. The tour guides often cover as much skin as possible when working outdoors.

For best viewing click on the Full Screen button on the lower right hand corner and sit back from the screen to watch the POV image.
Chiang Mai February Flower Festival
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