Central Vietnam (Huê & Da Nang)


VIDEO 4Min 30Sec (Filmed in October 2016)

Without access to my usual camera and video equipment, this video was shot on a cheap digital camera purchased hours before my three-day Vietnam excursion.

South Vietnam (Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City)

This 40 min. video was shot back in 2005, before HD home cameras were available.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Including the famous Cu Chi Tunnels.

Extra Footage – Basement War Room Operations Center

(3 Minutes)

Tons of vintage electronics in the basement!

Extra Footage – American War Remembrance Museum

(4 min.)

War is not pretty. Westerners only saw war footage shot from the air as Americans dropped bombs, Napalm and Agent Orange onto the population below.

The Vietnamese have photos and footage too – shot from the ground level.

There’s a large cluster of museums in Ho Chi Minh City to document the horrors of the American war – on both sides. You see how the Americans were held and tortured and vivid scenes of Vietnamese casualties and suffering on the ground. It’s heartbreaking stuff whether you are a Vietnam Vet or a Vietnamese citizen. Both sides have their demons.

I didn’t film the worst of it. This is just a snippet and not the gory details that are on display there. I separated this footage from the main Vietnam travel video, but this museum exists as a teaching tool about the casualties of war.