Food Chiang Mai – 1


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Even with appetizers – presentation matters in Thailand

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Spicy papaya salad. This is typically eaten by taking a lettuce leaf and topping it with cucumber sticks, papaya salad, piece of chicken and small wad of very sticky purple rice. Then you ball it all up in the lettuce leaf and eat it in one bite. Repeat until it’s gone.

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You find independent food stands like this one throughout Chiang Mai

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Some carts roll from place to place all day

This coconut vendor announces himself like an ice cream truck

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This little restaurant is called Mont Nomsod. Always busy after dark with lines to get in. The flagship item they sell is toast & butter. I’m not kidding. Toast is their specialty.

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Prepare to stand in line to experience this place

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They go through “mounds” of butter.

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You can get coffee and tea anywhere in Chiang Mai. My red arrow shows the main attraction to this particular spot.

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