Thailand Travel Videos

NOTE: These videos were shot on video tape, long before HD video cameras existed. Some of the videos go back to the 90's before HD TV was even available in the USA.
1999 (1 hr 18 min)

The first half covers my Beijing China trip and the second half covers Thailand.

The Beijing section covers the The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Hutong tour and the Summer Palace.

The Thailand section covers Bangkok, The Floating Market, Phuket and Koh Phi Phi Islands.
2001 (1 hr)

The first half covers my initial 2001 stops in Bangkok and Phuket Thailand. The second half covers the onward trip to Shanghai and the Yellow Mountains.

Footage includes: Bangkok public transportation, outdoor shopping, Phuket rubber canoe excursion, Shanghai Museum and extensive footage of my trek through the rugged Yellow Mountains of remote inner China.
2002 (40 min)

This video starts in Phuket for water trips, rubber plantation stop, elephant shows, monkeys and snakes.

Northern Thailand - Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai - Hill tribes, cultural dinner theater shows, elephant trekking, the King’s Mother’s House (Mae Fah Luang Garden) and the Golden Triangle.
2004 (1 hr)

The first half covers my Costa Rica trip and the second half covers Thailand trips in 2004-2005.

The Costa Rica section covers the capital San Jose, a zipline tour and the beach town of Tamarindo.

The Thailand section covers Phuket after the deadly tsunami, Phuket Submarine, Maeklong Railway Market, cool wood carvings, flying First Class and stays in the top rated hotels in the world.