Songkran 2018

Songkran Festival (Thai New Year)
Nationwide Water Battles

Songkran is the Thai New Year – celebrated on April 13th. The length of the celebration varies by calendar year. The holiday typically runs three days.

What started as a light sprinkle of water at passersby has turned into a modern water battle over the years. If you venture outside you’re going to get wet. If not from someone on the sidewalk, from a passing truck full of water guns and buckets. It’s like a G-rated version of The Purge.

All over the streets of Thailand there are Super Soakers for sale. Notice the water buckets for sale on the 2nd table.

In the malls as well. Even waterproof hats to the left.

There are waterproof pouches available to keep your money and phone dry.

The slippery surfaces at stores and malls are prepared in advance with
slip-proof mats.



IMG_2284 (1)
The Thais enjoy every second of this holiday. Passing cars/motorcycles get soaked as the partiers eat and listen to music on the streets.

Professional events run with water cannons spraying water on the revelers.

There are pools of water to reload your weapons.

VIDEO (8m 45s)
You really have to see it to believe it.

VIDEO (36 seconds)
WARNING! Watch the volume level on your computer!
R Rated DJ at the Maya Mall music event. Keep in mind that English is not the native language in Thailand. Vulgar English words don’t have the same impact here.

VIDEO (1m 25s)
Songkran – Day 2