Food Chiang Mai – 2

Sitting at a table next to the Ping River (Nakara Jardin Restaurant)

IMG_0744 (1)
Lobster bisque

IMG_0745 (1)
You watch the river boats motor by as you enjoy your brunch

IMG_0752 (1)
Brunch menu chicken sandwich

IMG_0572 (1)
Hearty American breakfasts are available all over town

IMG_0426 (1)
But a simple breakfast will be decorative as well

IMG_0925 (1)
This is my favorite soup stand in all of Chiang Mai (located at the Southern Gate of the Old City, at the top of Wua Lai street). She has 16 different soups on the menu, each individually prepared to order and a staff to deliver the soups to the tables and handle the money.

She won’t be rushed. It takes 4+ minutes to prepare a bowl of soup – even when there is a line of customers. In the photo you can see the freshly steeped egg noodles being placed into a bowl. English is very limited at this stand, so if you don’t know much Thai, just point to the menu item, take a seat, and wait patiently for your soup.

IMG_0930 (1)
Pork, wontons and egg noodle soup. The thin egg noodles are in a mound under the pork and vegetables. $1.20 a bowl and the taste is out of this world delicious.

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