My Condo Chiang Mai

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24 hour security guard at the gate on the left side of the building with a covered garage for resident parking and entrance to condo. Rooftop pool is behind the glass on the upper right hand corner.
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Each unit door opens with either the proximity key card held to the lock or a long digital code entered
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One of two remote-controlled air-conditioners (located above TV). You only cool the rooms you are in. The is no “heat” in Thailand homes.
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Wasn’t really expecting a kitchen in my Thai condo
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King-sized bed and a second air conditioner for the bedroom
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The entire floor drains to the tub corner so the shower is big
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Carpeting is rare in Thailand residential units
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Down by the equator your clothes dry very quickly on the racks
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Tiny deck but the rooftop deck makes up for it
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Rooftop deck is open to all condo residents
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Saltwater pool
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Glitzy Maya Mall sits across the street
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Rooftop view of Maya Mall at night
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Although Thailand is pretty much a natural sauna, there is a sauna available on the rooftop as well.
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Air conditioned library area by the pool
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Opposite the pool side of the roof is a bar area overlooking the city and mountains to the west
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View from the bar seating
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Rooftop changing rooms
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Located on the lower level of Maya Mall, this grocery store caters to foreigners. They carry items that are otherwise hard to find in Thailand.
Video - The view from the pool