Blade Runner

Blade Runner (R)

The long awaited sequel to Blade Runner is here. And for those old enough to have watched the first one on the big screen it’s a nice slow burn of a ride. That’s code for it needed more editing to shorten the long scenes. For those younger folks out there, it’s a slow paced story like many films of the 80’s, but with a 3 hour running time that might put younger folks to sleep. Until the end.

This time around Ryan Gosling plays the Blade Runner (Officer K,) who has to round up the old replicant models that were less reliable than the 2.0 versions. Not that Harrison Ford, the original Blade Runner, was forgotten. As with the Star Wars franchise, he’s still here and figures prominently in the story.

Robin Wright plays tough as nails Lieutenant Johsi. But if it’s tough-women role-model films you’re looking for, this may be the film of the year as Blade Runner 2049 is chock full of hard core women. It’s also is chock full of bad-ass loud scenes like the one pictured above.

Those scenes are certainly the Blade Runner you were hoping for. There’s a lot at stake here and it’s best if you don’t know anything about it going in. But as the 3 hours plod meticulously along just know that as the end closes in, the pace will quicken, the throbbing bass-heavy techno music will rise to AC/DC levels, and the payoff is actually satisfying.