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Traveling to China

Though China's borders are open to foreign travelers, it's still not the easiest place on earth to visit. But with a bit of self confidence, or by tagging along with a professional tour group, China will no doubt give you the experience of a lifetime.

I'm going to get this next section out of the way immediately so you know exactly where you stand with China. We'll start with the negatives and end on the positives:

1) China is a Communist country (Oooo - Scary!)
2) Infrastructure is weak
3) If you don't speak the language, you better not get lost
4) The food
5) The bathroom facilities

1) China is a Communist country (Isn't that part of the mystique? You can always go to Kansas or Switzerland instead)
2) Infrastructure is weak (Build your confidence without joining the U.S. Marines)
3) A cultural experience you'll never forget
4) History (Over 5,000 years of it - The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace etc. etc. etc. These folks have been around a long, long time)