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Here's the tough part. There are so many things to see and do a country like this that I'll just list some that I've done. It is well beyond the scope of a web site to describe each, but there are dozens of books devoted to "What to do in Thailand." Keep in mind that English is spoken in most areas throughout the county, and signs are written in both Thai and English.

Bangkok (The best place to start)
Visit the wats (Buddhist temples) filled with golden Buddhas.

Visit the Grand Palace.

Shop for world renowned bargains, including having all your clothes custom made for you from cotton or silk material you pick out.

Go to the Floating Market (shop and eat - all by boat).

See the national sport, Thai kick boxing, live at ringside.

Visit Kanchanaburi to see the famous Bridge on the River Kwai.

Snake farm / Crocodile farm

Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai etc.- where it's a little cooler)
People travel to Northern Thailand to see the Hill Tribe people, who offer up their local "old way" cultures, but it's also for those back-packer types that don't mind roughing it to see beautiful mountains and waterfalls. It's easy to take day trips from your hotel for elephant trekking, bamboo river rafting or a boat trip on the Mekong Delta River in the Golden Triangle area of Myanmar (formally Burma), Laos and Thailand.

Southern Thailand (Phuket etc.)
Visit any one of a dozen tropical islands off the southern coast offering up world class beaches, and some of the best diving/snorkeling the world has to offer.

Rubber canoes trips take you through caves leading to fabulous lagoons in the Andaman Sea.

Elephant trekking through jungles hiding huge waterfalls.

Remote trekking for the hiking die-hards of the world.

If clubs are what you're into, Thailand has the wildest clubs you've ever seen. Taxis are so cheap, getting anywhere you want to go is never a problem.