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If you're from Kenya, Africa and you've worn a loin cloth all your life, don't expect to wear it here in the United States. Though our native American Indians once wore loin cloths, we've somehow lost the appreciation for such attire.

There are certain unwritten (and some written) rules that must be followed whenever traveling outside your native country. So far so good, right?

Thailand is a Buddhist country. That doesn't mean women visiting Thailand have to cover every inch of their skin as in Saudi Arabia. Just go easy on the mini skirts and halter tops. I'll repeat this for the French people visiting this site who are the biggest offenders in this area. Go easy on the mini skirts and halter tops!

The French thumb their noses at this small request and the Thais resent them for it. Now I like a short skirt as much as anyone, but there's a time and a place for everything. The Thai people around you see your wife wearing next to nothing and wonder why she bothered to put on anything at all? She might as well have come down to breakfast naked.

Unless you're at the pool or the beach, put some clothes on, and in return, we won't wear a loin cloth when visiting Paris.

Thais believe the head is the temple and the feet are filthy. Never touch a Thai on the head, and never point the soles of your feet at anyone. Don't cross your legs or you'll end up pointing your feet at people around you. Instead try to keep your feet on the floor at all times. If you sit on a floor, tuck your feet underneath you.

Remove your shoes before entering a temple or someone's house.

Gambling or use of drugs will land you in a prison straight out of the movie "Midnight Express." Don't even think about partaking of these two vices, and steer clear of anyone who does.

Don't talk about politics, the Royal Family or religion. The King & Queen are EVERYTHING to the Thais, and Thai people are very religious. You would be well advised to avoid these topics of discussion completely.

Don't wad up Thai money. The King's portrait is on the bills and it can be considered disgraceful to mistreat the bills.

Don't show anger in an American fashion. Thai people abhor confrontations and will do anything to avoid it. You will NEVER get your way if you jump up and down and scream, that only works in the Western world. People will quickly get as far away from you as possible if you become a hot head, including the manager.

If you remain calm, you will get your way in Asia.

Not a bad set of rules, and easy to follow for the average civilized soul.