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Everyone has their own opinion, and what you are about to read is mine, based on actual time spent vacationing overseas since 1997. From a vacation standpoint, Thailand simply can't be beat.

It's the Thai people that make Thailand so enchanting. Their Buddhist way of life, and patience with foreigners is a real change from our Western way of life.

When people think of Thailand, immediately their mind conjures up images of a dangerous Third World country filled with dirt roads, roving gangs, huge man-eating pythons, fist sized spiders and malarial mosquitoes. I remember having that very same picture in my mind.

But Bangkok is as modern as any Western city. No snakes or fist sized spiders in Detroit - none in Bangkok either. The cities are identical in the modern concrete and steel department. Except the people in Bangkok are friendly to each other and foreigners, and there are no gangs to worry about. As in any Asian country, only the police have guns. Those who break the law are dealt with so severely, they rarely have the opportunity to repeat their offence.

This website offers just the tip of the iceberg for Asian Travel. Almost any book on Thailand, either at the library or the bookstore, will whet your appetite for a Thailand trip - it's an easy sell.

But if you decide to travel to the other side of the world, I recommend you grab a comprehensive travel book to answer any questions you might have. If you're even slightly inclined to travel, reading any of these books will definitely entice you to jet off to Thailand.

Fielding's has travel books on Thailand and other countries. You could probably find these books at your local library. They are usually 800 page straightforward no BS guides to everything about Thailand. They pull no punches and cover everything you'd ever want or need to know about the country, its people, where to stay and what to see.

Moon Travel Handbooks also make the grade in my opinion. When using the library, be aware that the books available are likely a year or so older than the ones offered in the store. Therefore that top rated hotel or restaurant you jot down may no longer be in business!

Thumb through a few and remember, you don't have to read these books from cover to cover like a novel. They are travel guides, and each section separately covers only the information you seek. For that purpose, the bigger the reference book, the better.

There is simply nowhere else on earth that has their tourist act together like Thailand does. Go there and have fun. It's the affordable Disney World without Mickey.